Tank Trouble 2 Unblocked

Tank trouble 2 is a new version of the online popular maze game that is about tanks and war of conquest. Tank trouble 2 unblocked allows you to play with maximum 3 players at once without other computing characters and without having to wait for players online, and only requires minimal connectivity.

This game is very interesting to play and enjoyable especially for those players who love shooting games. Tank trouble 2 unblocked is easy to play since each player has their own control keys that is adjusted automatically right after the player selects the desired mode.

Tank Trouble 2 UnblockedGame Plot

Tank Trouble 2 Unblocked allows players to play against each other using different color tanks in a maze. This is to enable players to recognize their tanks. A player is declared the winner after destroying the opponent. Therefore, you must use the maze walls smartly.

The game allows you to play the multiplayer mode which allows maximum three players to fight each other, which makes the game to be very fun, interesting and entertaining.

You should note that, while playing different icons appear on the map in different spots and once you manage to touch them they would enable you to get unique powers and special upgrades which may include new weapons etc that would help you to strengthen your tank.

Every bullet that you shoot from your tank, it travels in a few seconds from one wall to another then it finally vanishes, therefore its possible your bullet may harm you at some point if you are not careful.

The awesome part about this game is that you can be able to hit the enemy’s tank even when it is hidden at a closed corner in the maze.

The scores continue to update as you play, at the bottom of the screen.

Game instructions

· You can be able customize your tank and game settings by clicking on the setting option.

· The game provides seven different weapons.

· You are only allowed to fire 5 bombs at the same time.

· You only get a score when you hit the opponent.

Epic battle of many tanks in tank trouble game

Control keys

2 players mode, the player 2 uses E,S,D and F for movement and Q to shoot.

3 players mode, the player 3 uses the mouse for movement and left clicks the mouse to shoot.

In conclusion, the game is all about attacking, coming up with the best strategy against your opponents and survival. This makes the game awesome and fun to play.